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The steps towards smart food production in 2050 presented at Otaniemi - watch the seminar recording

4.11.2019 14:00

The steps towards the sustainable food system of 2050 as well as the transition already made during the last 30 years were presented in October 29th in Espoo, Finland. 

The seminar had keynote lectures of invited speakers from VTT, the EAT Forum in Norway, the University of Oxford in the UK and the Research Institutes of Sweden. The presentation topics ranged from future challenges and opportunities in food production to using technology in changing the food experience. Different startups also pitched their solutions for the future of food. While the seminar audience filled the 100-seat Leonardo auditorium in Otaniemi and were active in discussion, the seminar was also webcast to numerous participants over the Internet. 

After the seminar presentations, the seminar audience could also see for themselves the current innovations at VTT. These included the valorization of undervalued fish using a novel wet-extrusion production process, plant-based food innovations such as protein and fibre enrichment of food ingredients by fractionation techniques, the food without fields concept based on microbial and cell-based production processes, and personalized smart food manufacturing prototypes.

For more information:
Emilia Nordlund

Nesli Sözer

Watch the presentations (including the slides):
Video recording of the Towards 2050 by smart food production - Food economy 4.0 event

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Towards 2050 VTT food demos

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