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Save the date October 29th! Towards 2050 by smart food production - Food Economy 4.0

20.6.2019 9:00

We invite you to share your thoughts about the steps towards the smart, sustainable and healthy food system of 2050 - just 30 years ahead. Food Economy 4.0 leads the way to the new era with innovations enabled by sustainable & healthy ingredients and consumer centric agile food production. In the event, you will learn and see - and even try - the latest insights on the technological solutions related to food production, including cellular agriculture, as well as food manufacturing prototypes providing personalised eating experiences.

This "30+30" years seminar also landmarks the retirement of prof Kaisa Poutanen, appointed as research professor in food technology in 1989, and the starting research professorship of Nesli Sözer in smart and sustainable food production, appointed in March this year.

The event will be held 29th October 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

Save the date in your calendars, more information and registration will be available soon:
Food Economy 4.0 towards 2050

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