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Vital Selfie project aims to enhance consumers’ feeling of vitality via eating and food solutions

19.10.2015 14:00

Companies R&D and marketing function face a paradoxical situation. The preference for instant gratification dominates consumers' food choices. Unhealthy sugary, salty and fatty products sell well to a broad consumer audience. However, there is a parallel tendency towards healthy food choices.

Conflicts and cultural contradictions are particularly interesting for marketers. They offer the foundation for creating marketplace solutions that are of high value for consumers. Besides the afore mentioned motivational conflict between instant gratification and long term health benefits, the consumer encounters also other contradictions connected to food choices. One is the constant expectation of vitality.

The research project Vital Selfie coordinated by VTT aims at empowering consumers with easy food and eating choices and solutions for situations with conflicting motivations in seeking vitality. This can be achieved by developing product, service and communication concepts that allow both targeting and profiting from the growing market. The digital revolution provides increasing opportunities to support new ways of value creation, also in the Vital Selfie project.

Vital Selfie project (2015-2017) is coordinated by VTT. University of Eastern Finland and Aalto University participate also in the research. Company members of the project are Valio, Raisio, Sinebrychoff, Ruokakesko, Fazer Food Services and TBWA. The project is financially supported by Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation).

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