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24.9.2019 11:00

Healthgrain Forum workshop and a symposium to honour the scientific achievements of Kaisa Poutanen and her work as a research professor at VTT were arranged in Espoo in June. The workshop included talks on sourdough research and on how industry 4.0 reflects to food ecosystem. VTT’s Research professor Nesli Sözer explained how food system is transforming from traditional manufacturing towards agile food production and what does the VTT approach to personalized food include (link).

Professor Kaisa Poutanen opened the Honorary Symposium - Nordic success story of wholegrains by reviewing the highlights of cereal science during the past 30 years. The symposium continued with topics of rye and oat research and on how to make the best out of grains. VTT’s research scientist Pia Silventoinen gave a presentation about multifunctional rye bran hybrid ingredients. The presentation described the impact of dry fractionation on rye bran protein enrichment and techno-functional properties as well as foam formation mechanisms in rye bran based soft foams (link). Senior scientist Ulla Holopainen-Mantila introduced OatHow project (2019-2021) where the main aim is to find quality indicators for oats for facilitating both purchase of oat batches and selection of oat raw material for various food processes (link). Senior scientist Dilek Ercili-Cura gave a talk on valorisation of cereal side streams as sustainable protein ingredients. In her presentation, Dr Ercili-Cura explained how VTT utilizes fractionation and functionalization technologies to create plant-based hybrid ingredients (high in protein and dietary fibre) (link).

Download presentations:

· Sözer 2019: Consumer centric agile food manufacturing: Case bakery products 

· Silventoinen 2019: Multifunctional rye bran ingredients for novel cereal foods 

· Holopainen-Mantila 2019: Oathow: how to predict techno functionality of oat cultivars

· Ercili-Cura 2019: Valorisation of cereal side streams as sustainable protein ingredients 

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