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New review puts together the current knowledge about rye and health

1.10.2018 11:00

The evidence about potential health benefits of rye foods has accumulated. A recent review by Jonsson et al (2018), prepared as part of Nordic rye forum ( activities,  summarizes the state of the art and identifies directions for future research. Beneficial effects of rye foods on insulin metabolism, satiety and weight management as well as potential beneficial effects on inflammation and blood lipids are reviewed. The underlying mechanisms as well as long-term implications on health are identified as important future research topics. To be able to increase rye consumption the research and innovation activities aiming at improving the sensory properties of rye products as well as communication strategies are crucial.

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Jonsson, K., Andersson, R., Bach Knudsen, K. E., Hallmans, G., Hanhineva, K., Katina, K., Kolehmainen, M., Kyro, C., Langton, M., Nordlund, E., Nygaard Larke, h., Olsen, A., Poutanen, K., Tjonneland, A., Landberg, R. (2018). Rye and health - Where do we stand and where do we go? Trends in Food Science and Technology, 79(May), 78–87.

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