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New review evaluates how cereal seed sprouting influences its nutritional and technological properties

30.1.2019 11:00

​​Sprouted grains are gaining increasingly positive attention by the consumers and food industry is reacting by launching new products containing sprouted grains. Consumption of sprouted grains is suggested to be beneficial for human health. However, there is no generally accepted definition of "sprouting" at the moment. The review of Lemmens et al (2019) describes the nutritional and technological properties of sprouted grains in relation to processing conditions and provides guidelines to optimize sprouting practices in order to maximize nutritive value.

Lemmens E., Moroni AV., Pagand J., Heirbaut J., Ritala A., Karlen Y., Lê K-A., Van den Broeck HC., Brouns FJPH., De Brier N., Delcour JA. (2019). Impact of Cereal Seed Sprouting on Its Nutritional and Technological Properties: A Critical Review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 18(1), 305-328

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