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Food structure and mastication in spotlight – implications to satiety and digestibility

29.9.2016 14:00

VTT researchers are working to gain better understanding about the influence of food structure on mastication process and the consequences of these factors on disintegration of food matrix, starch digestion rate as well as on postprandial satiety. Rye has been used as a raw material to create various food structures and products with varying bran contents.

New publication

Alam et al (2016) recently published article "Factors affecting structural properties and in vitro starch digestibility of extruded starchy foams containing bran". Extrudates made with 30% fine bran at in barrel-water feed provided the crispiest extrudates with lower in vitro hydrolysis index. Particle size reduction of bran had only minor influences on cell wall thickness, cell area and hydrolysis index of the extrudates. The results demonstrated that the macro-structural and textural properties of extrudates containing rye bran can be improved by reducing bran particle size.

Alam, S. A., Järvinen, J., Kokkonen, H., Jurvelin, J., Poutanen, K., & Sozer, N. (2016). Factors affecting structural properties and in vitro starch digestibility of extruded starchy foams containing bran. Journal of Cereal Science, 71, 190–197.

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New conference presentation and poster

VTT's research scientist Saara Pentikäinen gave a presentation about the impact of food structure and chewing on satiety in Food Oral Processing conference on July 2016 ( The presented study showed that not only nutrient content of food but also the structure and the chewing properties impact on satiety response. The presentation can be downloaded here. In the same conference research scientist Syed Ariful Alam presented a poster about the properties of brittle cereal foams and the effects on disintegration of food during mastication. The results show that despite significant differences in extrudate structure, texture and disintegration processes the hydrolysis rates of starch between products were not significantly different. The poster can be downloaded here.

Food Oral Processing conferences

The FOP conference aims at stimulating scientific discussion and interdisciplinary research on Food Oral Processing, by covering aspects such as oral physiology and biology, food science and technology, sensory science, dentistry, biophysics and biochemistry, human nutrition. The meeting in Lausanne on July 2016 was the fourth in a series of conferences. The previous editions of the conference were held in Leeds, United Kingdom, in 2010; Beaune, France, in 2012; and Wageningen University, The Netherlands in 2014. They were well attended by more than 200 participants from both industry and academia. The next conference will be held in Leeds, UK in 2018.

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