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Findings from the StopDia at Work -intervention presented at the 13th European Nutrition Conference

4.11.2019 12:00

The 13th European Nutrition Conference "Malnutrition in an Obese World: European Perspectives" was held 15−18 October in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting brought together nearly 1700 professionals within the field of nutritional science. The conference programme included over 150 sessions covering genetic, molecular, cellular, metabolic, physiological and epidemiological perspectives to obesity and malnutrition, as well as policies, practices and behaviours underlying these phenomena. Research scientist Eeva Rantala represented VTT at the conference and gave a presentation related to the StopDia at Work -intervention, a 12-month choice architecture intervention promoting healthy diet at Finnish workplaces. Baseline study results revealed that employees with a physical work had the poorest diet quality, and that employees not eating in a workplace staff restaurant consumed less fruit and vegetables during working hours. The findings raised a question, could the so-called nudge approach be used to support these employee groups to adopt healthier dietary patterns at work.


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