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A recent study identified a research and service gap related to vitality through food and eating

25.4.2019 9:00

The concept of vitality encompasses different aspects of both physical and mental health. Different devices and applications for quantifying vitality-related facets of everyday life have been readily available to the public. The study of Grenman et al (2019) reviewed mobile applications available in app stores and research literature to find out how they address the relationship between food, eating and vitality. The study was done in two phases, in 2015 and 2017, to review also the progress in the field during the two-year period. The research results indicated that research work and applications mostly focus on combating obesity and addressing specific health problems through nutrition. The topic of vitality through food and eating has not been widely studied and does not seem to have many applications supporting it. There is a clear potential for further research on the relationship between food, nutrition and both mental and physical vitality.

Grenman K, Hyväkkä J, Vehmas K, Parviainen P, Seisto A, Nordlund E. Vitality in Research Literature and Digital Services. IJSTRE 2019;4(1)

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