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A new study demonstrates the applicability of in vitro fermentation model for screening prebiotic properties of fibers

29.4.2019 16:00

The gut microbiota plays an essential role in the health of humans. Dietary fibers are the food components that have a strong impact on the composition of the gut microbiota. The development of new fibers with prebiotic properties requires testing a large number of samples in a feasible way. In vitro gut microbial models are useful tools in studying the fibers or any other food components. VTT has developed a simple microtiter-based in vitro model of the human colon that can be used to screen the dietary fibers for their prebiotic potential. In the study, the effects of seven rye bran-, oat- and linseed-derived fiber preparations on the composition of the gut microbiota and the production of short-chain fatty acids–fiber fermentation by gut microorganisms were examined. Additionally, the hindering effect of the fiber preparations against the harmful changes in the microbiota caused by antibiotic amoxicillin-clavulanate was studied. The results showed that the tested dietary fiber preparations beneficially affected the gut microbial composition. Additionally, the fibers diminished advert shifts in microbiota exposed to the antibiotic. Thus, dietary fiber preparations tested in this study have the potential to mitigate antibiotic-associated disturbances in the human microbiota.

Tsitko, Wiik-Miettinen, Mattila, Rosa-Sibakov, Seppänen-Laakso, Maukonen, Nordlund, & Saarela. (2019). A Small In Vitro Fermentation Model for Screening the Gut Microbiota Effects of Different Fiber Preparations. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(8), 1925.

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