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WELCOME to submit abstracts to BIOPROT project symposium held on April 2016

20.10.2015 11:00

EU-ERANET SUSFOOD BIOPROT (Novel multifunctional plant protein ingredients with bioprocessing) Final Project meeting and symposium will be held within 15th ICC International Cereal and Bread Congress (18-21 April 2016, Istanbul, Turkey). Welcome to submit abstracts under theme "Innovating with plant proteins"!

Finding new sources of plant proteins is a necessity to obtain sustainable and affordable foods for the growing global population since the production of animal protein is not a feasible option in the future. There are two major solutions to increase plant based protein sources: 1) increased cultivation of protein rich crops and 2) efficient utilisation of protein rich plants or side streams of food production. BIOPROT project with VTT as one of the partners, focuses on developing novel plant protein ingredients through applications of bioprocessing technologies to  further valorise underutilized protein rich raw materials such as bran and faba beans. The results of the project will have an ultimate impact on cultivation of an ancient crop; faba beans but also contribute to protein self-sufficiency and circular bioeconomy in Europe by utilizing agro-food side streams.

The results and outcomes of BIOPROT project will be presented in a session held within 15th ICC International Cereal and Bread Congress.  Oral and poster presentations for the session "Innovating with plant proteins" are invited. Please, submit the abstract via ICC Bread conference.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 December 2015

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