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VTT's new snack machine prepares healthy Scoothies on demand

31.10.2019 14:00

VTT has developed a snack machine that prepares fiber and/or protein-rich snack products-Scoothies-on demand and according to consumer wishes and needs. These kind of machines can be seen in the future at for example in work places, airports or supermarkets.

The new snack machine prototype prepares either a drinkable or a spoonable snack product as the consumer has ordered. They can add extra fiber and/or protein to a plant or dairy base that are available in different flavors. The user interface in the snack machine will provide information, guidance in making and tailoring the order. In the future, the aim is that the user interface also makes personalized suggestions based on the health and preference data of the customer. The consumer trials that were organized as part of the development process demonstrated that both the snack machine and and the possibility to personalize the product raise interest. 

There is a need for developments in food production technologies that utilize automation and robotics combined with learning algorithms if these kind of personalized food systems can be made profitable. The service has several possible business models; aside from workplaces, the new machine would fit airports, university campuses, sports centers and also in supermarkets.

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Emilia Nordlund

Kaisa Vehmas

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VTT's snack machine prepares a healthy Scoothie according to the user's wishes

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Välipala-automaatti valmistaa terveellisen scoothien käyttäjänsä toiveiden mukaan

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