Nutritech - Rethinking the Food Chain

VTT leads the way to an era of smart food production

19.6.2019 15:00

By 2050, we need 60% more food. How to feed everybody without increasing carbon dioxide emissions? By making the most of nature's resources we can also promote people's health and well-being. VTT's programme on Food Economy 4.0 leads the way to the new era with innovations enabled by sustainable & healthy ingredients and consumer centric agile food production.

To move to the new era, VTT presents four solutions: 1) changing food processes so that all parts of raw materials can be utilised as food, 2) transforming raw materials previously used as feed into food, 3) using microbes to produce energy and nutrients, and 4) using cell factories to produce ingredients.

Read more and watch a video about sustainable & healthy ingredients (Food 4.0) part of Food Economy 4.0:
Food 4.0: VTT leads the way to an era of smart food production

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