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The first truly hand-held device for grain protein measurement

10.3.2016 14:00

GrainSense Oy which is an optical device spin-off company of VTT has developed the world's first truly hand-held device for grain protein measurement. The GrainSense hand-held device measures the protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate content of cereals and other crops – i.e. key determinants of the harvest value and processing cost – while they are still in the field.

The device is battery powered, requires only a few grains and takes just seconds to make each measurement, with no preparation needed. For the first time, this will allow farmers, seed producers and plant breeders to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops and make decisions that improve profitability. The device will also enable meat producers to control and adjust the protein content of feed in real time, which can have a major impact on profitability. The device includes positioning (GPS) and cloud connection functionality, which supports a suite of value-added services for improving productivity and profitability.

GrainSense will launch its offering in 2016 and begin marketing, sales and product development cooperation with Berner Ltd in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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