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Package-Heroes project searches for new packaging solutions for the benefit of people, planet and business

3.4.2019 10:00

Annually, around 26 million tons of plastic waste is generated in EU, of which 59% comes from packaging. Simultaneously, consumer habits and needs are changing towards valuing environmental and welfare qualities, e.g. local food services. These global drivers offer great opportunities for the forerunners to reorient their business. Package-Heroes project engages business actors, public authorities, non-governmental organizations and citizen-consumers to co-create measures to overcome the above-mentioned challenges. The project envisions desirable packaging concepts, identifies new consumption patterns, investigates biomaterial's scalability and assesses environmental impacts. Finally, based on all generated knowledge Package-Heroes will identify potential policy mixes in the Finnish national context to boost the formation of globally competitive business ecosystems.

Package-Heroes is funded by Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland under theme Keys to Sustainable Growth. The consortium is led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and the other consortium members are LUT University, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Åbo Akademi University.

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Research Professor Ali Harlin

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