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NEW PROJECT for Fusarium toxin control in the cereal production chain

26.5.2015 10:00

Fusarium fungi and mycotoxins have been identified as a major quality problem in oat production. The level of Fusarium resistance in oat cultivars grown in Finland is low. The ultimate goal of DONCONTROL project (2015-2018) is to assure the safety of Finnish cereals (especially oats and barley) in changing climate and agricultural practices. The project provides (1) new information on Fusarium fungi (especially deoxynivalenol producers) and the factors influencing mycotoxins in farm levels and (2) New mitigation strategies: Improvement of Fusarium resistance in oat cultivars by breeding, Prediction of mycotoxin risk (weather-based risk modelling, Fusarium monitoring), Comparison of different control strategies and feasibility, and Identification of upcoming, novel management means for pre- and post-harvest level.

Luke (Natural resources institute Finland) leads the consortium which includes members from research, breeding, farming, crop protection, processing, advising and regulation. The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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