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New paper discusses how to convert side-streams into health beneficial hybrid ingredients

12.9.2018 15:00

Food crops should be used in a more sustainable way in order to feed the growing population with limited resources. Additionally, obesity and type 2 diabetes among other health problems related to lifestyle are increasing globally. Cereal bran and other major agricultural side-streams are currently used predominantly for feed and fuel but not for food even though they are potential sustainable sources of healthy proteins, dietary fibers and bioactive compounds. There are challenges related to technological and sensory functionalities, which should be overcome for various food applications. Agricultural side-streams should be processed with energy and water efficient methods to create healthy and palatable ingredients. Dry-milling and dry-fractionation are energy-lean methods that can be used to produce value-added hybrid ingredients from side-streams. The applicability of the ingredients in food products may be further improved using bioprocessing, thermomechanical processing, or other methods.

For more information:

Nikinmaa, M., Nordlund, E., Poutanen, K., & Sozer, N. (2018). From Underutilized Side-Streams to Hybrid Food Ingredients for Health. Cereal Foods World / 137.

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