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NEW BLOG POST: Bio-packaging of food – How does it contribute to saving the world?

26.5.2015 10:00

What are your connotations of food packaging? A means of safeguarding the passage of food through the manufacturing and transport processes and an opportunity to reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels, or unnecessary packaging and great heaps of waste?

A confectionary package is a classic example of wastefulness. Confections are set individually and sparsely in indentations of a plastic tray. After this, a protective plate produced from corrugated board, either plastic or cardboard, is placed on top of this tray. The plastic tray and protective plate are placed in a carton, and, to top it off, this whole thing is wrapped in cellophane or clear plastic film. Wasteful packaging? Most certainly. Materials produced from fossil fuels? Also true.

Read the blog post of Senior Scientist Sara Paunonen in VTT Blog:  

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