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New article on ingredient requirements to enable personalized point-of-consumption food preparation

23.9.2019 14:00

Powdered ingredients used in agile manufacturing processes often require rehydration prior to production. Therefore, their reconstitution ability is a crucial functional property.  The study of Calton et al (2019) aimed to understand the powder properties of ingredients (whey and potato protein isolates, fine and coarse non-digestible maltodextrin, instant waxy maize and potato starches) that allow point-of-consumption production of protein and fibre fortified products of varying consistencies. Common characteristics of ingredients suitable for instant food preparation and use included free powder flow, large particle size with narrow size distribution, high porosity and rapid de-agglomeration into primary particles when in contact with water. Instant production of liquid and semi-solid model products enriched with high protein and/or high dietary fibre, at concentrations justifying nutrition claim, was demonstrated. Texture of semi-solid products was modulated with waxy maize starch that appeared as densely packed swollen granules in a solution of non-viscous whey protein and/or non-digestible maltodextrin.

For more information:

Calton, A., Ma, H., Nordlund, E., Poutanen, K., & Sozer, N. (2019). Instant properties of ingredients used for point of consumption production of high-moisture food structures selectively fortified with protein and dietary fibre. Journal of Food Engineering. 263, 204-212.

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