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NEW ARTICLE: biopolymer films from potato peeling costreams

29.9.2015 12:00

Potato peel mass is a costream produced in large quantities by the food industry. Its availability and the presence of starch, pectin, and cellulose make it a potential renewable raw material for polymer products. In the study of Rommi et al (2015), biopolymer films were produced from potato peel mass and glycerol. High-pressure homogenization (HPH) and HPH combined with heat treatment were investigated as pretreatment technologies before film casting. HPH-treated potato peel mass yielded biopolymer films with similar barrier and mechanical properties as films prepared from pure potato starch, including complete impermeability to grease.

Additional heat treatment of the peel mass enhanced starch gelatinization, resulting in improved barrier properties and smoother surface topography of the films. Films with similar appearance and quality were also obtained from starch-free potato peel mass, indicating that potato fiber rich in pectin and cellulose is likewise a suitable material for biopolymer film preparation after HPH treatment.

Rommi K., Rahikainen J., Vartiainen J., Holopainen U., Lahtinen P., Honkapää K., Lantto R. "Potato peeling costreams as raw materials for biopolymer film preparation". J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2015.

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