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Food from air with a new process – collaborative research by LUT and VTT

22.8.2019 14:00

LUT University and VTT are collaborating in research to produce emission-free solutions based on renewable energy for all sectors of society. The two institutions have joined forces and created a new emission-free process to produce protein from air with electricity. The pilot equipment for protein production has been set up in Lappeenranta.

LUT and VTT verified the possibility to produce single-cell protein with electricity and carbon dioxide in 2017 in their joint research project Neo-Carbon Energy and have extended the research for protein production with a new process. The research has already resulted in the establishment of a Finnish startup company called Solar Foods, which develops its own protein production.

The carbon dioxide for the bioprocess is captured directly from the air, which is likely the world first for this production. The same can be done also for the required water. Contrary to conventional agriculture, the production does not generate runoffs into water systems or strong greenhouse gas emissions.

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Food from air with a new process

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