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Bugi2018 – First insect food festival in Finland

17.12.2018 13:00

The first Finnish insect food festival BUGI2018 was arranged 29 November in Helsinki. The largest Finnish insect food companies, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and other food business operators gathered in the morning to discuss the progression of insect food business from research, legislation and consumer perspectives. VTT's research scientist Tuure Parviainen gave a presentation about the role of insects in the food system and the possibilities to enhance side-stream utilization, i.e., convert by-products to insects and then further to food products. VinsectS project has concentrated mainly on converting low value side streams into high value protein and oil fractions using black soldier flies. 

The annual global market value of insect foods is currently 357.2 million dollars with 22.3 % annual growth. Insects have high protein and fat content, and they are a suitable part of a healthy diet. Insects can be processed into various products, but current legislation and novel food legislation allow only whole insects or insect flour to be used in foods in EU.


The evening program, which was aimed at consumers, concentrated on insect products and insect foods. There are tens of Finnish insect products in the market in various product categories. One of the most unusual product was a gin made out of a thousand crickets. Delicious three-course menus including insects, such as crickets and lesser mealworm were served and many servings were enjoyed by many enthusiastic customers.

Exhibitors of BUGI 2018 included:
GriidySamu FoodsFinsect OyEntoCubeHyönteiskokkiSarastus FoodsNordic Insect EconomyHerkkuhyönteisetMuurahaiskauppaEntisSavonia Grasshopper and Ilmastokokki.


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For more information:
Research scientist Tuure Parviainen 

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