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New review on cellular agriculture overviews the future of food production
Food technology innovations of VTT presented at the 33rd EFFoST International Conference
The steps towards smart food production in 2050 presented at Otaniemi - watch the seminar recording
VTT's new snack machine prepares healthy Scoothies on demand
New article on ingredient requirements to enable personalized point-of-consumption food preparation
Food from air with a new process – collaborative research by LUT and VTT–-collaborative-research-by-lut-and-vtt
Save the date October 29th! Towards 2050 by smart food production - Food Economy 4.0
VTT leads the way to an era of smart food production
VTT created a mini cupcake factory that can prepare personalised cupcakes in less than 2 minutes
Meet VTT Food Solutions experts at IFT 2019 Feed Your Future event


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