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VTT has invested in new micromalting equipment

10.3.2020 15:10

Germination and sprouting modify the structure, composition, and flavour of seeds which improves their processability and nutritional value. Germination also opens new possibilities to use grains and seeds in food and feed applications. VTT has long-term experience in the germination of various seeds including down-stream processing and related analytics. Now we have purchased new micromalting equipment that consists of six separate tanks for germination and six kilns. Various conditions and regimes (e.g. for temperature, moisture, aeration and processing time) can be set for each tank and kiln. The sample size varies from 500 g up to 8 kg. A maximum of 24 samples can be processed at once.


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Tuija Sarlin
Ulla Holopainen-Mantila         

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