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VTT’s scientist presented diverse cereal related research topics in AACCI annual meeting

19.11.2018 13:00

The AACC International Annual Meeting "Cereals & Grains 18" was held in London 21-23 October, gathering a worldwide audience from industry, academia, and government to discuss on grain-based food system. A highlight of the meeting was awarding the Osborne Medal to Professor Kaisa Poutanen and her talk "How to attract people to digest more of the non-digestibles of grains?".

VTT was hosting a session "Bioprocessing: designer tool for food structure and texture that provided new insight on how microbes or enzymes can become designers of your products and how microbes can be utilised as natural bioprocessing tools for modification of food ingredients as well as for development of new products. Emilia Nordlund gave a talk on enzymatic modification of cereal and legume materials for improved functionality in food application, and Nesli Sözer presented the benefits of bioprocessing technologies in extruded foods.

Moreover, VTT has poster presentations on the new cereal-based ingredients, novel technologies to process them to foods, solutions for recycling cereal waste and side-streams.

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