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Rye experts gathered in Gothenburg - VTT showcased rye processing expertise

17.12.2019 10:45

The  Nordic Rye Forum seminar was held on  21-22 November in Gothenburg, Sweden. The seminar gathered 20 experts focusing on rye with diverse backgrounds of  health, nutrition, and food processing technologies. This year’s seminar had a deep dive on  the effect health effects of rye and other cereals. The seminar showcased several epidemiological and intervention studies where rye products were included in the diet.
Research Scientist Markus Nikinmaa presented VTT’s work regarding the processing technologies for novel rye products. After dry fractionation, rye bran can be made into a high-protein, high-fibre hybrid ingredient that has improved functional properties. Rye bran proteins were also demonstrated to have good and stable foaming properties. Lactic acid fermentation of the fibre-rich fraction of rye bran has further improved its applicability for extruded products.

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Markus Nikinmaa

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