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Recent study used air classification to produce protein-enriched barley ingredients

16.10.2018 9:00

Industrial barley endosperm fraction can be valorised as a plant protein ingredient that can be utilised for food and feed applications. Silventoinen et al (2018) used air classification technology to produce protein-enriched barley ingredients from the barley endosperm fraction that was mixed with Aerosil 200F flow aid. The initial protein content of 8.3 % was increased up to 28.3% with protein separation efficiency of 22% from the raw material. The protein separation efficiency could be significantly increased up to 59% by reducing the classifier wheel speed, whereas the protein content only decreased to 22.3%. Factors restricting further protein separation were assessed by microscopy analysis showing that the storage protein aggregates were enclosing small starch granules that could not be separated from the protein and therefore enriched together with protein to the fine fraction.

As the techno-functional properties (such as protein solubility, foaming, water-binding), observed for the protein-enriched barley fraction in this study were limited, future research is needed for functionalisation of the protein ingredient for better applicability in different food model systems.

Silventoinen, P., Sipponen, M. H., Holopainen-Mantila, U., Poutanen, K., & Sozer, N. (2018). Use of air classification technology to produce protein-enriched barley ingredients. Journal of Food Engineering, 222, 169–177.

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