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New VTT Launchpad project Volare valorizes industry sidestreams

4.11.2019 16:00

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food produced for food consumption goes to waste every year. If that waste mass were dropped on the land area of Helsinki (213.8 km²), it would form a layer over 3 meters in thickness. A new project–Volare–supported by VTT's new deep-tech incubator Launchpad aims to utilize such waste streams. Volare aims to provide a sustainable solution for protein production through valorisation of food industry side streams. One of their solutions is a feed-grade protein meal made of food by-products that contain over 50% protein and 15% fat.

Volare is looking for mentors and partners interested in the field of sustainable protein production, and for collaboration opportunities with the food industry.


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Tuure Parviainen


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Kalanviljelyyn tarvitaan uusia kestäviä rehuja – VTT:n hautomoyrityksiltä kaksi ratkaisua


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