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New Finnish research and innovation unity promotes oat consumption and business

5.3.2019 14:00

Thanks to its health-promoting properties, oats have attracted a lot of well-deserved attention. In Finland, oats are applied to more diverse uses than before as a raw material for innovative food products. The growing global interest in oat products gives oat producing countries like Finland an opportunity to enter on the global oats trade and oat products market with significant volumes. However, the product development is held back by insufficient understanding of how the quality and composition of oat crop batches affects the oat processability and end product quality. The lack of practical indicators of oat quality and applicability to various food processes is a global challenge.

In the OatHow project funded by Business Finland, an extensive Finnish consortium will produce new information on oat-based raw materials for the development of novel oat innovations by means of both research and business development.

OatHow is part of a project entity funded by Business Finland that consists of a public research project and four parallel company projects starting simultaneously (Valio, Fazer, Helsinki Mills and Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd). In addition to Business Finland and the research partners involved, the funding providers for the OatHow project include nine companies representing the oat chain from field to table (Avena, Kinnusen Mylly, Lantmännen Agro, Myllyn Paras, Plantanova, Polar Glucan, Raisio, Vaasan, Viking Malt).

The research and development work is implemented by four research teams working together: VTT (Emilia Nordlund as a project responsible leader), the University of Turku (Kaisa Linderborg), the University of Helsinki (Tuula Sontag-Strohm) and Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke (Veli Hietaniemi).

The OatHow project coordinated by VTT will be carried out in 2019–2020 as part of Business Finland's Food from Finland 2.0 funding scheme with a total budget of EUR 2 million.

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Press release: New Finnish research and innovation unity promotes oat consumption and business

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