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New cereal technologies presented at ICC Science meets Technology conference

2.5.2019 9:00

The 19th ICC conference Science meets Technology was held 24-25 April in Vienna. Conference covered production, processing, nutrition, analysis, new products and technologies, food safety and quality assurance. VTT's research team leader Emilia Nordlund gave a presentation on recycling bakery waste back to the bread-making process by enzymatic mean, and on preparing a functional baking syrup from a wheat bran. Research scientist Anni Nisov presented a poster, which shows how pH effects on fibrillation temperature of rice endosperm protein for producing meat analogues by wet-extrusion. Research scientist Pia Silventoinen's poster showed that an ultrasound technology is a potential tool for modifying barley ingredients as raw materials for liquid and semi-solid food products since it affects protein solubility, particle size and colloidal stability of dispersions.

Download presentation and posters:

Nordlund 2019_Enzyme-aided production of functional syrups from side-streams for bakery applications

Nisov 2019_Effect of pH on Fibrillation Temperature of Rice Endosperm Protein for Producing Meat Analogues by Wet-Extrusion

Silventoinen 2019_Ultrasound-assisted functionalisation of protein-enriched fraction and isolate from barley

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