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New action plan from VTT and VYR to enhance protein self-sufficiency in Finland

25.6.2019 0:00

Finland is in an excellent position to enhance its protein self-sufficiency while building a sustainable, carbon-neutral food chain. A new report by VTT and VYR (the Finnish Cereal Committee) presents an action plan for using grains, grass, fisheries, insects and cellular agriculture more efficiently as sources of protein in the production of both food and feed. Raising the share of domestic production at EU and national level in Finland is important for food security, for example, due to the unstable market conditions attributable to climate change. While the consumption of plant-based protein products in food in Finland has increased from 2015, successful growth requires cooperation and development throughout the supply chain, including improvement in the cultivars, contract farming and ingredient industry.

To aid this growth and cooperation, VYR has set up a working group on protein, chaired by VTT's Research Team Leader Emilia Nordlund. The working group on protein mainly focuses on cereals, legumes, oilseeds and grass. Operators from all sections of the supply chain are invited to the working group.


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Finland takes action to enhance protein self-sufficiency

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Toimeenpanosuunnitelma Suomen proteiiniomavaraisuuden nostamiseksi

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