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PhD thesis of Kristoffer Krogerus brings new information on lager beer yeasts

28.8.2019 21:45

Kristoffer Krogerus, a doctoral candidate working at VTT, will defend his PhD thesis on September 20th, 12pm, at building KE2, Chemistry, Aalto University. The thesis is titled ‘Elucidating flavour formation and stress tolerance in brewing yeast hybrids’ and the opponent is Jean-Marc Daran of TU Delft.

In his thesis, Krogerus studied non-GM methods for creating lager yeasts with tailored properties. Krogerus mated selected strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces eubayanus and examined the methods that are responsible for phenotypes observed in the newly created strains.

The new hybrids had not only inherited beneficial properties from both parent strains, but in many cases also showed apparent hybrid vigour, fermenting faster and producing beer with higher concentrations of alcohol and flavour-active esters than the parents. 

The results presented in the PhD thesis demonstrated the potential of interspecific hybridization as a valuable tool for developing new lager yeast strains, and may also help to elucidate the evolutionary history of industrial lager yeast strains.

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Elucidating flavour formation and stress tolerance in brewing yeast hybrids

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