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Food safety and quality – Prevention is better than cure

31.10.2019 16:00

VTT works for ensuring safety of the food chain and reduction of food waste. Safety management from the field to the plate involves effective control of microbes throughout the entire production chain. VTT has experience and long-standing confidential cooperation with its key customers in ensuring the microbiological safety of foods and beverages, feeds and agro-biomasses. Our main objective is to measure, understand and control microbes and their interactions in various processes in order to achieve controlled process management, high quality and tasty products.

There is a need to design interventions aiming at reduction of food loss and waste. According to recent FAO report in industrialized countries efforts towards food loss or waste reduction are more effective at reducing of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if implemented at the later stages of the supply chain, e.g. at retail and consumption stages. Our understanding of the behaviour of microbes and food matrices, as well as factors affecting product safety and quality serve as the basis of our development work. This combined with VTTs novel packaging solutions enable versatile solutions for securing and controlling food safety, traceability, the authentication of the products and prevention of food waste. UN and FAO initiatives World Food Safety Day and World Food Day increase general knowledge of importance of food safety and prevention of food loss and waste.  With combined technologies and joint effort we can increase sustainability and provide consumers healthy and safe food.  

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Hanna-Leena Alakomi 
Research Team Leader
Food and Process Microbiology 

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