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Europe taking actions for promoting protein self-sufficiency - November seminar gathered people in Finland

17.12.2019 11:00

A two-day European level seminar focusing on plant protein market and food chain innovations for protein self-sufficiency gathered food system stakeholders and decision-makers in Espoo, Finland. The seminar, organized by The Finnish Cereal Committee VYR, highlighted the opportunities for plant protein sector foreseen in the proposal for a new CAP and provided examples of on-going research and innovation projects in Europe from farm to fork. The VTT research team leader of Food Solutions, Emilia Nordlund, gave a presentation on Finnish Innovation for protein self-sufficiency in Finland. She addressed the role of plant-based food production and introduced emerging food production systems, including cellular agriculture and insect farming.

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Emilia Nordlund

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Plant protein seminar presentations at the VYR website

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