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Cereal experts met in Milan - VTT overviewed benefits of processing cereals

6.2.2020 15:10

Cereals experts met at the HealthGrainForum workshop in Milan, Italy on the 4th of December. The title of the current workshop was "Sustainability and Nutrition" and it covered 3 main topics:
- EAT lancet: the role of whole grains in sustainable diets
- Technology and Sustainable Grain Food Production
- Grain Components & Whole Grain Food Definition

VTT's Research Professor Nesli Sözer overviewed the positive effects of processing on whole grains with her presentation "Ultra-processed cereals: the beauty and the monster?". In the presentation, the main showcased methods were germination of cereals, fermentation, extrusion, dry frationation and ultrasound treatment. All these examples were shown to improve both the nutritional, structural, techno-functional and sensory properties of cereal ingredients.

Download the presentation:

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Nesli Sözer

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