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Rye experts gathered in Gothenburg - VTT showcased rye processing expertise
Europe taking actions for promoting protein self-sufficiency - November seminar gathered people in Finland
VTT’s fish meat extrusion expertise presented at the 49th WEFTA conference’s-fish-meat-extrusion-expertise-presented-at-the-49th-wefta-conference
New VTT Launchpad project Volare valorizes industry sidestreams
Food safety and quality – Prevention is better than cure–-prevention-is-better-than-cure
Customer Account Lead Heidi Salminen joined VTT’s Food Solutions team’s-food-solutions-team
Dry fractionation of rice bran allows protein enrichment and improves techno-functional properties
PhD thesis of Kristoffer Krogerus brings new information on lager beer yeasts
Solution from VTT to prevent beer bottle explosions
Limited hydrolysis enhanced foaming properties and colloidal stability of rice protein


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