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New article reveals consumers’ views on a snack machine producing healthy and customized foods at point of consumption

23.9.2019 11:00

Digitalization and urbanization are big drivers transforming food industry. Consumers' role in the food chain is enforced, and the trend is toward more consumer-centric food system. On-the-go solutions, providing a single snacks or meals, are an interesting category for developing personalized services and food products for healthy eating. Vehmas et al (2019) investigated consumers' views about "Healthy Snack Machine" concept that produces freshly made food and enables customization of the product at site of purchase and consumption. The study applied qualitative and quantitative consumer research methods and used iterative co-creation approach.  Consumers evaluated the Snack Machine concept positively, and the results indicated that the time of the day, personal goals and preferences affected food choice and product customization. Consumers preferred products from the snack machine that were healthy, satiating and suitable for on-the-go eating. They also felt that the machine would save time, and that the possibility to customize the food gives them additional value. The results also pointed out the importance of privacy and security issues in these new eating and food delivery concepts.

Vehmas, K., Lavrusheva, O., Seisto, A., Poutanen, K. and Nordlund, E. (2019), "Consumer insight on a snack machine producing healthy and customized foods at point of consumption", British Food Journal, Vol. 121 No. 10, pp. 2551-2563.

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