Nutritech - Rethinking the Food Chain

VTT goes for sustainable design of protein-rich foods

11.3.2015 7:26


The global population is forecasted to increase to 7.6-10.6 billion people by 2050. This rapid growth in combination with expected increasing welfare will lead to an increased demand for animal protein which is forecasted to increase by 52% between 2007 and 2030. Thus, alternative and sustainable plant protein sources which has both technological and sensory functionality equivalent to animal proteins are needed. VTT has strong focus on development on technologies for new plant based foods to meet dietary and sustainability requirements of food. VTT is also elaborating solutions to minimize the amount and to better utilize the food grade animal protein in the industry co-streams.

The functional properties of proteins allow the food industry to create healthy products, with textures ranging from fluid emulsions and viscoelastic gels to solid foams. VTT has years of experience in assessing and modifying the functionality of food proteins. The multidisciplinary research on the protein modification covers the chain from enzyme discovery and characterization to ready-to-commercialise technologies and development of food prototypes. VTT professionals tackle challenges related to product texture, shelf life, sensory quality and nutritional value, and design novel protein rich products and protein ingredients. Solutions for novel minimal and integrated food processing concepts for efficient food chain are part of VTT’s ambitious aim “Rethinking food production chain”.

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VTT Protein Brochure 2015

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