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VTT Culture Collection (VTTCC) offers deposit of microorganisms for patent purposes

5.12.2013 6:27


Did you know that you can deposit your microbial strains for patent purposes within VTT Culture Collection ( If you intend to file a patent involving a microbial strain, you need to deposit the strain according to the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure ( The strain has to be deposited in an International Depositary Authority (IDA) = a collection that has acquired the IDA status from WIPO (World International Property Organization). There are currently about 30 IDA's worldwide, of which 20 are in Europe. VTTCC acquired the IDA status from WIPO in 2010, being the only IDA collection in the Nordic countries. In addition to offering deposit of strains for patent purposes, the collection also offers deposit of strains for safe keeping. VTTCC has a number of longstanding Safe Deposit agreements with corporate and academic partners in Finland and abroad.

VTT Culture Collection was established already in 1959 as a collection of industrial brewer's and baker's yeasts. Today VTTCC is a key biotechnology research infrastructure, offering distribution of strains for research and for industrial partners. The total holding of the collection is currently more than 6000 strains of which roughly 50% are bacteria, 25% filamentous fungi and 25% yeasts. The majority are unique strains isolated or constructed in VTT research projects, which today are being distributed for the scientific community worldwide. VTTCC also offers identification services on a confidential basis with up-to-date methods and relevant taxonomy knowledge.

In the field of microbial collection management, networking is essential to keep up with the most recent methodology, legislation as well as safety and security regulations. VTTCC has long been an active member in the European Culture Collections' Organisation (ECCO ) and it was registered in World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC already in 1985. Today VTTCC is a collaborating party in the preparatory phase of the EU infrastructure MIRRI (Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure, FP7 INFRA-2012-2.2.5, VTTCC is also a founding member of the Finnish Microbial Resource Centre Organisation (MICCO, established in 2010 and devoted to preservation and use of the unique Finnish microbial diversity.

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