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The 15th International Celiac Disease Symposium

28.10.2013 11:00


The 15th International Celiac Disease Symposium (ICDS) took place in Chicago on September 22-25, 2013. ICDS is a major international event focusing on celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. This year's conference attracted over 1500 delegates. Prof. Matej Orešič was invited to give a talk in the plenary session 'From Genes to Systems Biology', with a title 'The Metabolic Path to Autoimmunity'. Prof. Orešič's talk focused on the key findings from recent metabolomics studies in type 1 diabetes as well as celiac disease. With respect to the latter, recent findings by the research group were presented which indicate that specific lipid disturbances precede not only the first autoimmune response but also the first dietary gluten exposure in children who later progress to celiac disease. While lipid malabsorption is a well-known phenomenon in overt celiac disease, the reported findings are the first ones indicating that the lipid disturbances characterize also the prodromal phases of the celiac disease development. Prof. Orešič's talk was received with great interest and led to lively discussion, as the findings may have important diagnostic as well as therapeutic potential.

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