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Roadmap for improving protein self-sufficiency of Finland

11.3.2015 10:24

​Connected to security of food supply, protein self-sufficiency is a common concern in Finland. The aim of the roadmap work coordinated by VTT, in collaboration with Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, was to identify means of markedly improving domestic self-sufficiency in supplementary protein from its current level of 15%. The strengthening of protein self-sufficiency was considered from many perspectives, including increasing the production of protein-rich plants, more efficient exploitation of agro-food and fish chain by-products and side-streams, growing use of plant-based proteins in food, and new potential protein sources for food and feed.

Based on collected data from various sources and the opinions of experts in the field, we created roadmaps which can be used for directing activities towards the common goal of greater protein self-sufficiency. Economic influences were also evaluated. As a result, three broad themes were considered: 1) development of primary production of domestic protein plants, 2) rationalisation of the feed use of domestic protein sources, and 3) use of domestic plant-based proteins in food.

Several proposals for action to increase domestic protein production are presented. Different actors in the protein value chain share the common aim of jointly developing the entire sector.

Read more and download the publication (in Finnish):​nf/pdf/visions/2015/V6.pdf 

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