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Nordic Life Cycle Association Symposium: Global Sustainability Challenges – two presentations

21.10.2014 6:08


Fifth NorLCA (Nordic Life Cycle Association) Symposium "Global Sustainability Challenges with Northern Approaches" took place on 2-3 October 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Themes of the symposium included Management of resources in the Arctic, Industrial symbiosis and circular economy, Energy, Waste management, Built environment, Life cycle thinking in policy making, Food industries, Life cycle thinking and communication, Fisheries, Sustainability education, Transport, logistics and electro mobility including various presentations and posters.

VTT research work was base of two presentations. SITRAs Jyri Arponen gave a presentation with the topic "Towards more ecological solution through integrated fishery, greenhouse and bioenergy production with closed circulation". The Sybimar company has developed a bioenergy and food production solution based on closed circulation, where waste, waste heat, nutrients and CO2 are used and recycled. The aim of the research with Sybimar fishery pilot plant was to gain understanding about the ecology of the plant. The pilot plant is a combined fish farm (salmon and whitefish) based on recycling aquaculture system and a greenhouse. The closed circulation plant with its own water cleaning creates the possibility to use less fresh water and utilise water further. The study shows preliminary how the impact on climate change, acidification and eutrophication can be significantly reduced with closed circulation. The water footprint indicates the significance of local water availability and water index. The closed circulation and the integrated production are more ecologic than the traditional fishery concepts according to the study and indications found from literature.

Helena Wessman-Jääskeläinen, Senior Scientist of VTT presented a case study of water footprint method development in Finland. Challenges and usability of water footprint as an environmental tool were introduced by using two industrial case studies in forest and mining industry.

About Nordic Life Cycle Association

The vision is to create a platform to promote the cross-fertilization of the life-cycle thinking philosophy between academia, industry and the public sector. Historically NorLCA has operated within the European Nordic Regions, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. However, this year's symposium invitation was extended to stakeholders in the Global North, thus encouraging Canada, USA, Russia and Greenland to join the dialogue and contribute to communal knowledge-base.

Download VTT's NorLCA 2014 presentation abstracts:

Nors, M., Hohenthal, C., T. Pajula, T., Honkanen, A., , Arponen, J.,: Towards more ecological solution through integrated fishery, greenhouse and bioenergy production with closed circulation.

Wessman-Jääskeläinen, H., Saarikoski, E.: Water Footprint as an environmental tool - case Finnish forest and mining industry.

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