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New study about bread structure, oral processing and digestibility was presented in Food Structure and Functionality Symposium

14.4.2014 10:41


Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium: From Molecules to Functionality was held in Amsterdam, 30 March-2 April. 290 international participants attended the conference. Senior Scientist Nesli Sozer (PhD) gave a presentation on "Bread structure in relation to oral processing and digestibility". The study has an interdisciplinary approach combining food processing, food structuring and nutrition. The study originates from previous work which showed that compositional and structural differences between breads are reflected in physiological responses. Insulin responses have observed to be lower for rye bread than for wheat bread whereas the glycaemic responses were similar (Leinonen et al 1999, Juntunen et al 2003, Kallio et al 2008). The reason for differences in insulin response remains unclear. Thus, the aim of the on-going project is to understand the microstructural and mechanical factors of rye and wheat breads and find out if those factors are related to mastication process and particle size distribution of masticated bread (bolus) and if they could explain the previously observed differences.

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