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NEW RESULTS: Effect of pectinolytic juice production on bilberry and black currant anthocyanins

18.11.2008 10:15


Koponen et al. processed bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) and black currants (Ribes nigrum L.), dark blue berries rich in anthocyanins, with an aid of commercial pectinolytic enzyme preparations. In addition, they investigated the effect of processing on berry anthocyanins.The enzyme preparations were dosed based on their polygalacturonase activity from 1 to 100 nkat/g of berry mash. The juice yields were determined by weighing, and anthocyanin analyses were performed with HPLC. The bilberry and black currant juice yields increased significantly in enzyme-aided treatments with comparison to non-enzymatic treatment, even with the lowest (1 nkat/g) polygalacturonase dosage. The anthocyanin yield increased by up to 83 % for bilberries and up to 58 % for black currants in enzyme-aided treatments as compared to non-enzymatic treatment.

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