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NEW PROJECT: Innovative and eco-sustainable processing and packaging for safe and high quality organic berry products

26.1.2015 8:08


There is an increasing demand from consumers for organic berries but the industry has difficulty in meeting the needs of consumers. The global demand for organic production is growing due to an increasing interest in a healthier and more environmental friendly production of foods. Consumers expect the quality to be superior to that of conventionally produced foods, and the most important requirements and expectations are less pesticide residues, less additives during processing. The number of products based on berries is expected to grow to meet increasing consumer demand, and there is an urgent the need for new organic production practices to the supply of safe and sustainable berry-based ingredients.

The main goal of ECOBERRIES project (Innovative and eco-sustainable processing and packaging for safe and high quality organic berry products) is to identify and develop innovative sustainable processing and packaging to boost the manufacturing of safe organic berry products with enhanced nutritional quality and low environmental impact. This will be done by:

  •  Characterization of berries to evaluate potential effects of production methods on nutritional quality and safety
  • To identify new eco-efficient and biodegradable packaging solutions to extend the shelf-life of fresh berries and minimize waste of fresh produce
  • To evaluate and develop new mild processing drying technologies suitable for organic production
  • To identify sustainable technologies and production schemes to produce innovative and high value-added organic berry ingredients and products
  • Evaluation of consumer acceptance to ensure the quality of processed organic berries


The ECOBERRIES project is coordinated by Marie Alminger from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. In addition there are seven partners from different European countries. VTT is involved in berry characterization, technology and safety parts of the project. The project will start in February 2015 and it lasts for three years.


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