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NEW PROJECT: EnRichMar - Convenience Food Enriched with Marine based Raw Materials

28.1.2014 10:22


Consumers search increasingly for food products with either natural or added bioactive ingredients striving to improve their health or avoid diseases. Thus the markets for these types of products are growing rapidly. Marine-based ingredients such as seaweed or fish oil offer a good option as healthy ingredients to be included in convenience foods. However, only few companies are offering such products today.

The aim of the EnRichMar project is to increase the value of seafood, dairy and cereal products by adding to them functional ingredients, produced from underutilised marine-based raw materials and by-products from fish processing, with confirmed health effects. The focus will be placed on ingredients, such as fish oil powder and seaweed extract, which may induce positive health effects, enhance flavour and enable salt reduction in food products, and improve the stability of the products. Product development contains process optimisation and quality control by sensory perception of the products during the development process. The functional properties of the enriched products will be studied via intervention study. Finally, comprehensive consumer studies will be performed, and marketing strategy and implementation plan will be developed to strengthen the competiveness of the companies involved in EnRichMar –project in order to create business opportunities in European markets.

The partners of EnRichMar -project are two ingredient producers: Marinox ehf (Iceland) and BioActive Foods As (Norway) and three food producers: Grimur Kokkur ehf (Iceland), den Eelder (Netherlands) and Ruislandia Oy (Finland). The project is coordinated by Matís ohf (Iceland) and conducted in collaboration with three other RTD partners: VTT (Finland), TNO (Netherlands) and University of Milan (Italy). The project will be implemented between January 2014 and December 2015, and it is funded by EU's 7th Framework Programme, Research for SMEs.

For more information:
Raija-Liisa Heiniö, Senior Scientist, VTT's project manager,
Kyösti Pennanen, Senior Scientist,

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