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New project about the utilization of food industry co-streams: CYCLE

14.10.2013 12:58


In today's food production, approximately half of the raw materials are consumed and the other half is regarded as loss or waste. To tackle this unsatisfying situation a project called 'Total utilization of raw materials in the supply chain for food with a bio-economical perspective' (CYCLE) was started in Norway. The main objective of CYCLE project is to improve resource utilization in the food chain in Norway by developing sustainable eco-friendly bio-processes and novel technology, with research and innovation at its core. CYCLE is based on a holistic approach, focusing on value chains and integration of several disciplines such as food safety, sustainability, sensor & automation technology, logistics, bioprocessing technology, and socio-economics into one balanced entity.

In the project VTT leads the work entity Resource-efficient bioprocessing technologies for food industry and acts as a contributor in the work entity Bio-processing of waste for feed, fertilizer and energy. The former aims at increasing the resource-efficiency of food industry by developing bioprocessing methods to create new food applications from edible co-streams. The goal of the latter is to convert waste not appropriate for food use to feed, feed ingredients or a fertilizer, possibly in combination with energy production. VTT contributes mainly in the development of bioprocessing techniques for vegetable processing co-streams.

CYCLE is a 4-year-project (2013-2016) and it is coordinated by Dr. Marit Aursand from SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (Norway). Other project partners are VTT (Finland), Bioforsk (Norway), NOFIMA (Norway), University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and SIFO (Norway). Companies from food, feed, packaging, machinery, fertilizer and bioenergy sectors in Norway are involved in the project. The main financier of the CYCLE project is the Research Council of Norway.

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