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NEW BOOK: Fibre-rich and wholegrain foods

7.5.2013 13:17


New book on fibre-rich and wholegrain foods, edited by Jan Delcour (KU Leuven) and Kaisa Poutanen (VTT), was just published by Woodhead (Cambridge, UK) in May 2013. The book reviews key research and best industry practice in the development of fibre-enriched and wholegrain products to meet customer requirements and assist in manufacture of healthier choices.

VTT's scientists Juhani Sibakov, Pekka Lehtinen (currently at Senson Ltd.) and Kaisa Poutanen wrote chapter "Cereal brans as dietary fibre ingredients". The chapter concentrates on the technologies for the production and food applications of wheat, rye, oat, barley, and rice bran. Bran fibres are usually cell wall components, such as arabinoxylan, cellulose and lignin (in the outer pericarp layers) or arabinoxylan and β-glucan (in aleurone and endosperm cell walls). The sub-chapter of cereal bran production technologies reviews the technological properties of each bran. Another sub-chapter describes technologies to improve the properties of cereal brans as source of dietary fibre, e.g. how to improve the solubility of fibres. The last two sub-chapters are dedicated to the practical use of cereal fibre ingredients and to the future trends of bran fibre-enriched foods.

Another chapter written by VTT's Nesli Sozer and Kaisa Poutanen is called "Fibre in extruded products". The chapter discusses the effects of dietary fibre (DF) and outer grain parts on extrusion processing of expanded foods and summarizes the on-going research in development of high DF foods with improved structural and sensory profile. It first outlines the basics of extrusion processing and the influence of both fibre addition and fibre type on the product quality and then discusses how the extrusion processing can be used to tailor fibre properties.

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