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NEW ARTICLE: Enrichment of biscuits and juice with oat β-glucan enhances postprandial satiety

10.2.2014 8:38


β-Glucan is a major constituent of grain fibres, abundant especially in oat and barley. The benefits of β-glucan on health, including lowering of cholesterol and regulation of glucose response, are well known. In addition, the effects of β-glucan on satiety have been reported in many studies, but no consensus has been reached. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of breakfasts varying in the dose of oat bran concentrate (4 g or 8 g β-glucan) on satiety. This study was carried out in collaboration between VTT and Mondelēz International.

The approach was to study whether the food matrix (solid or liquid) into which the oat bran concentrate is incorporated influences postprandial satiety in otherwise similar meal settings. Thirty healthy females were offered four different breakfasts: biscuits + juice (0 g β-glucan), enriched biscuits + juice (4 g β-glucan), biscuits + enriched juice (4 g β-glucan) and enriched biscuits + enriched juice (8 g β-glucan) in a random order on separate test days. The sensations associated with hunger and satiety were evaluated using visual analogue scales (VAS) before and after ingesting the test breakfasts and every 30 min until 3 h 30 min.

This study indicated that 4 or 8 g of β-glucan consumed at breakfast enhanced satiety and related feelings. In the studied meal setting, oat bran enrichment (4 g of β-glucan) was more efficient in enhancing satiety when added in juice than in biscuits. The most evident enhancement of satiety was observed when a double dose of oat bran was used (enriched biscuits + enriched juice). Viscosity development in gastrointestinal conditions is suggested to be a mediator of enhanced satiety. The β-glucan fibres provided in liquid form may have stronger appetite-reducing effects compared to fibres ingested as a part of solid foods, due to the higher rate of fibre hydration. Furthermore, adding oat bran concentrate to liquid made the mouthfeel of the product thicker, which may have improved the sensations of satiety.

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Pentikäinen S, Karhunen L, Flander L, Katina K, Meynier A, Aymard P, Vinoy S, Poutanen K. Enrichment of biscuits and juice with oat β-glucan enhances postprandial satiety. Appetite 2014.

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