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NEW ARTICLE: Biscuits with enhanced nutritional qualities were developed

1.4.2014 5:24


Biscuits are one of the popular cereal food categories, consumed as breakfast items and as snacks. The major constituents are typically wheat flour, sucrose and fat, making biscuits a rather energy dense and nutritionally poor cereal food. It is a food engineering challenge to increase the dietary fibre content of biscuits without affecting starch digestibility, structural and sensory characteristics, such as texture, colour and taste.

The aim of the study of Sozer et al (2014) was to understand the effect of wheat bran incorporation and bran particle size reduction on microstructure, texture and in vitro starch digestibility of digestive type wheat biscuits. Five different biscuits containing 5 - 15 % dietary fibre were produced. Two different particle sized wheat brans were used: coarse (450 μm) and fine (68 μm).

The study showed that adding wheat bran to biscuits did not significantly affect in vitro starch hydrolysis index up to 30 % coarse bran supplementation level. Increasing the coarse bran supplementation level from 5 to 30 % did not have a significant effect on instrumental biscuit structure. However, the biscuits with only 5 % dietary fibre were closest to control in the evaluation of sensory panel. Bran supplementation either in coarse or fine particle size had a major effect on mechanical parameters such as elastic modulus and hardness.

Sozer N, Cicerelli L, Heiniö R-L, Poutanen K. Effect of wheat bran addition on in vitro starch digestibility, physicomechanical and sensory properties of biscuits. J Cereal Sci 2014.

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